Registering your address in Munich

If you are staying in Germany for more than 90 days, the first thing you have to do after arrival is to register your address. The Germans call this Anmeldung/Wohnsitzanmeldung. You are required by law to do this within 14 days of your arrival. Failure to register within this time may result in a penalty. This is not really enforced in Munich but you never know who you may meet when registering. They may follow the law to the T!


Find out where you need to register your address. If you live within Munich, you can register at the Bürgerbüro. There are about 6 of them in Munich. The most popular location is; Ruppertstraße 19. Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours here to complete this 5 minutes process.

People living in the outskirts of Munich (e.g. Freising, Ebersberg, Garching) have to register at a different location. No one told me this when I first moved in. I was living in Garching and only knew the Bürgerbüro at Ruppertstraße 19. I woke up one early morning, gathered all my documents and went to the Bürgerbüro. After waiting almost 4 hours, I entered the office to register only to be told I was in the wrong place. 😦


Gather all the documents needed to register your residence:


Go to your designated Bürgerbüro to register. You will be issued a proof of registration immediately. Make copies or scan this document as you may need it in future.

Voila! Not a complicated process! 🙂


What happens when I lose my proof of residence registration?

Fret not. You can order it online here (takes about a week) or go to the Bürgerbüro to get a new one printed. It costs 5.00 EUR both online and in person.

How long is the registration?

Circa 5 minutes if you have all documents they need. Waiting time is dependent on where you are registering.

Can I book an appointment before going to the Bürgerbüro?

Some of the offices have a booking system. Many of them are walk-ins. Be sure to go on time to avoid long queues.

What is next after registration?

Within a couple of weeks, you will receive a letter in your post stating your Tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer) This number identifies you at the tax office and allows you to open a bank account in Germany.

You will also receive a Rundfunkbeitrag letter. You are required by law to pay TV and Radio tax (even if you don’t own either of this) if you are registered in Germany. (This will be discussed in another post)

Can someone register on my behalf?

Yes, you can authorize someone to register for you. You need to fill and sign the Vollmacht form. Attach a copy of your passport to be submitted by the authorized person.

Do I have to pay any service fee?

No. This is free of charge!

UPDATE: JANUARY 2019! The KVR no longer allows walk-ins. Book your appointment here.


FYI about # 2.14 “Religion” in the registration form (Church Tax)

Depending on the church you belong to, you may pay extra tax from your income to the selected church. This tax is about 8% or 9% of your income.


Hope you’ve found this information useful. Let us know in the comment section.





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