Ghanaian → German Driver’s Licence Conversion

You are allowed to drive with your driver’s licence for 6 months when you move to Germany (after your residence registration). After 6 months, your driving licence will no longer be valid which means, you need a driver’s licence to drive in Germany. (see Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure)

Persons holding a valid Namibian or South African driving licence qualify for the German Driver’s Licence Reciprocity. Meaning, after six months of living in Germany, they can apply for the German Driver’s Licence without taking the theory and practical tests.

Ghanaian Driver’s Licence holders do not qualify for this reciprocity. You need to convert your licence by taking both the theoretical and practical exam. There is no obligation to take the compulsory lessons like other applicants starting from scratch. This may cut down cost.

Before your exam

  • Translate your licence to German. You can do this at the ADAC office in your city and takes approx. 10 days.(If you live in Munich, you can have it translated here)
  • Register at a driving school
  • Submit your application (Umschreiben) at your local driving authority with the following required documents:
    • Proof of registration at your driving school
    • One passport photo
    • Translated licence + original Ghanaian driver’s licence
    • Eye test result
    • First aid certificate
    • Confirmation of first registration in Germany

Your Ghanaian Driver’s Licence will be taken from you when submitting your application.

Preparing for your theory exam

Since you do not have to take the compulsory lessons, schedule your test dates with your driving school after successful processing. This process takes 4-6 weeks depending on your city.

Ask your driving school for the app/book to study the practice questions. These questions can be quite tricky. Dedicate some time to learn them.

Preparing for your practical exam

As mentioned, you are not required to take the 12 practical lessons. Schedule a test date with your driving school to take this exam when ready.  Coming from Ghana, it is likely that you have developed “bad” driving habits. It is advisable to have some hours of driving before taking the practical exam.

After your exam

You will receive your German licence if you pass your practical test and your Ghanaian Driver’s licence will be returned to you.


Are you from another African country and would like to know whether you qualify for the German Driver’s Licence Reciprocity? Check here.

Did you convert your licence from another country to the German Driver’s licence? We would like to hear your story. Share it with us in the comment section.

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