How to get your German Driver’s Licence

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You need to invest a lot of time and money to acquire the German drivers licence. The rules are the same throughout Germany. You may only pay more or less depending on where you apply from and how many times you have to re-sit the exams.

My experience in Munich:

Before Registration

Research! Find the best driving school for you. I went through a lot of websites and read many reviews before finally settling on my driving school.

Register with the driving school of your choice. This is where you will take all the required theoretical and practical lessons.

You would receive these documents from your driving school after registration:

  • Contract (Ausbildungsvertrag) – usually valid for one year
  • Proof of registration (Anmeldebestätigung der Fahrschule)

The next step is to officially register with your local driving authority. Depending on your location, you can either walk in to do this or book an appointment. In Munich, you need to first book an appointment. You can do this here.

Documents to be presented at your local driving authority

  • Eye test result (Sehtestbescheinigung) – I paid 7.00EUR for this at Apollo
  • First aid certificate (Bescheinigung über “Sofortmaßnahmen am Unfallort”) – you can get this by taking an 8 hour class. I took my class in one of these locations (Moosach) and paid 40.00EUR
  • One passport picture
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of registration from your driving school (Anmeldebestätigung der Fahrschule)

I paid 43.40EUR at my local driving authority. Once your application is processed (mine took two weeks), your driving school will be notified. Successful processing allows you to take the theoretical and practical exams for your licence.

After submitting your application at your local driving authority

Since the paper work takes some time, you can start with the compulsory theoretical lessons at your driving school to prepare you for your exam. There are 14 compulsory classes you need to attend, two of which are specific to obtaining the Class B drivers licence.

There is an App and hardcopy book you can use to prepare for your theory exams and you can pay for the App or book at your driving school. I paid 80.00EUR and it is valid for one year.


Fahren Lernen Max App on iPhone

This app has 1077 practice questions (July, 2018). Only 30 of these questions will appear during your final exam. It is very easy to fail and very easy to pass. Practise! Practise! Practise! I practised every weekend, during my ride to and from work and before sleeping (ha! I was crazy).

After attending all the 14 compulsory classes at your driving school and you feel ready to take the exam, register for the exam with your driving school. I paid 107.37EUR (including TÜV fee).

Theory Exam

On the day of the exam, you need to present a valid passport for identity confirmation.  I took the test on a tablet. There is no need for a pen or paper.


You have all the time in the world to take the test (at least that’s what my examiner said on that day). Many of us finished in less than 15 minutes. The questions you will receive are exactly the same questions from your app or book. If you have practised well enough, you would not need a lot of time answering the questions.

The result is available to you as soon you finish answering the questions. I passed mine with no error 🙂 .

Practical Lessons – Preparation

You must complete 12 compulsory driving lessons:

  • 3 lessons of night driving ( Nachtfahrt)
  • 4 lessons on the motorway (Autobahnfahrt)
  • 5 lessons on the countryside (Überlandfahrt)

1 lesson = 45 minute

There are regular driving lessons you have to take in addition to the compulsory lessons. For example, how to use the steering wheel or using the gear. The number of lessons you need depends on your progress. These lessons are not part of the compulsory lessons.

Practical Exam

Almost all the stories i heard about the proctors were not so good. Many of my friends failed the first time. I was very nervous before exam. Really!

I went to my driving school. The proctor came in to inspect my ID card. We did the following after he confirmed my identity:

  • Explained how the test will run
  • Asked me to show him how the indicators and wiper works
  • Drove through the city, 30km zone and country side
  • Gefahrenbremsung (emergency brake)
  • Wenden (changing the direction)
  • Parken (parking)

“Gefahrenbremsung”, “wenden” and “parken” are constant. You will definitely do it. Practise them.

We drove back to the school and while in the car, he said to me “Congratulations, you’ve passed the test” (in German). We stepped out and he handed me my driver’s licence.

My Timeline (Munich) 

  • Registration at driving school – 02.04.18
  • Application at local driving authority – 06.04.18
  • Response from local driving authority – 12.04.18
  • Theory exam – 04.06.18
  • Practical exam – 02.08.18
  • Licence received – 02.08.18

I used 4 months in total.

Damage: ~2,000.00 EUR

What’s next after you get your driver’s licence

You can freely drive. This has to be your own car, friend’s or family’s car. Car rentals will not rent to you because you should have had your licence for about a year.

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4 thoughts on “How to get your German Driver’s Licence

  1. Richard Michael Blay says:

    I registered with Drivenow by SIXT not long after I got my licence and I could use their cars. I didn’t have to wait a year. I was told you could rent a car but they usually won’t give you premium cars.


    • Jennie B. says:

      Hi Richard, when did you do this? I heard the same thing from friends but when i went to the SIXT office, they told me i had to wait for a year. Same with Car2go. It’s in their T&C. They were willing to let me rent after i showed them my Ghanaian driver’s licence i’ve had since 2008.


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